Author Topic: Quick reviews: Dynastar Sultan 85 & 94; Nordica Tempest & Mach 3  (Read 1440 times)


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Thanks for the reviews, it takes a fair amount of time to review 3 skis and you did a very balanced write-up. From the Epic equipment sale section, I noticed the John Botti sold his Sultan 85's to may have been bought by Greg Merz. Not quite an insider transaction, but, close as it's all in the family.

I also liked that you wrote up an older ski that still works for you. It's effective to benchmark a ski you are familiar with when comparing new models.  Many, or at least some of us, ski models that are several design years old and continue to find them as excellent skis. My ski choice is dominated by where I ski 80% of the time....east coast hard snow, and, carving skis rule. My belief is that narrow waisted carvers have not advanced as much as the all mountain skis, and, my Supershapes and Blizzard SL's will continue in my quiver next year.