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Race SC
« on: April 20, 2006, 09:13:12 am »
Ski: RACE SC with RFII bindings, 165

Skier:42, 6' 175
Level 8-9 carve-aholic

Where skied: east coast, hardpack, loose granular

General impressions:  the RACE SC is the softer more mortal version of the WC. It still has plenty of pop and energy. This ski shares most of the same construction and performance of the RX-8. If you look on the fischer site, you will see just how close they are. I really loved this ski; fast, lightening edge-to-edge, very manueverable. tenacious edge hold, actually prefers to be on icy hard snow. Rolls effortlessly edge-2-edge and hooks up beautifully. Loves short turns and naturally carves well great G's on fast turns. I felt it was a bit short for me at 165. The 170 would have been perfect. This ski handled piled loose stuff pretty well. I think the RX8 is a bit more versitile, but for a ice ski, you can't go wrong.

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