Author Topic: Quick reviews: Dynastar Sultan 85 & 94; Nordica Tempest & Mach 3  (Read 1416 times)


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Hey Mike -- yup, I'm liking those skis.  A lot! So a big thanks to you for giving me first dibs on buying them.  Much appreciated.  It's really too bad that they never clicked with you, and I hope you soon find a sweet wide ski that works well for you.  There are lots of matchmakers here that will not be shy about firing off their recommendations for a suitable mate.   ;D

As for the binding differences, I think it's that the Fluid rail that the Look bindings are mounted on, makes the ski a whole lot stiffer under the boot.  It's similar to a Railflex/Powerrail.  This really limits the amount that the ski can flex underfoot, making it much stiffer overall.  I have these on my Mythics, and I don't recall there being a central flex hinge in the rail.  I'll check 'em out next time I'm in Calgary and ski those (that's where they reside now).

Stand height is definitely higher on the Look Fluid system...I think the rail gives +13 mm stand height increase, but I could be wrong on that.  That is actually the first thing I noticed with the Griffon flat mount, is how much more effort it took to get the skis on edge than with the Look bindings.  Took a couple of runs to get the feel of it.

BTW, the Look Fluid system is a stock retail binding for Dynastar (Rossi uses it too, being a sister company).  They have them in one form or another on almost all of their narrow to all mtn. skis.  Some have the lighter NX series bindings mounted on the Fluid rail; more advanced skis have the stronger PX series.  They are good bindings, and have a solid locked in feel.  The demo/rental shops keep this binding on because it is so easy to adjust and is solid and strong, much like a true demo binding. 

And yes, there was a little insider ski trading going on this weekend -- Sultans came here; Progressor 9's went south with Gary.  Jason skied them for the first time today and apparently really likes them.  He is coming off a Fischer RX8 in a shorter length, so the P-9 is a solid step up in performance for him.  Nice when this kind of stuff works out.   ;D

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