Author Topic: Quick reviews: Dynastar Sultan 85 & 94; Nordica Tempest & Mach 3  (Read 1416 times)


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After a month or so I'll probably move your Ski Review to a ski reviews section.  The search feature appears to only look in the current Board.  So if someone goes to Ski Reviews and searches for Sultan they wouldn't find your review.  If they happened to do a search from the main menu, then the search is done against all Boards and your review would be found.

I was actually quite surprised at how many ski reviews had been created, but the old structure of having a Board for each manufacturer really didn't create a good place for a multi ski review like yours, so they wound up in the Discussion Board or even in the Ski Length Board.

Sounds good Jim.  That's where it belongs.  Hoping I can add some more to the review section as time goes on.  I'm sure I'll end up at some other resorts in my business travels and will just HAVE to ski there....SLC, Denver, Vancouver.....  8)  and of course will rent/demo something fun.