Author Topic: Quick reviews: Dynastar Sultan 85 & 94; Nordica Tempest & Mach 3  (Read 1416 times)


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.....I noticed the John Botti sold his Sultan 85's to may have been bought by Greg Merz. Not quite an insider transaction, but, close as it's all in the family.

Gasp! Insider trading!  :o  Quick Gandalf! Do something! 

My belief is that narrow waisted carvers have not advanced as much as the all mountain skis....

Mike, I agree.  I really don't think there has been that much advancement in the construction and performance at the higher end of the narrow carver category.  Waists are a titch wider than was typical five years ago, but otherwise, all that has changed is mostly just the graphics.  For example, there is one Head model that was essentially unchanged for about the past 5 or 6 years, save for name and appearance:  started in '05 (I think) as the XRC 1200 SW (112/66/98); became the Supershape Speed for '07 and '08 (my wife has the '07 model; her favourite ski); then they became the women's Power One in '09, until this year; not sure, but it might have even appeared as the Chip 66 last year. Same ski, different clothes.  My point being, that skis in this category that are four or five years old, may really be no different than current models.  They are still relevant, perform the same.  While they may not have the cache of being shiny new and the "latest and greatest", it's the substance under your feet that counts.

My ski choice is dominated by where I ski 80% of the time....east coast hard snow, and, carving skis rule.
Agreed, again.  That is essentially the reason that I have not bought a pair of wide rockered skis -- I have little need of them.  Until I ski 24 inches of fresh powder more than three or four days per season, my quiver of Progressor 9 and Mythic Rider serves me perfectly.  Until then, if it dumps, and I happen to be out west, I will rent some fatties.  Looking forward to that, actually....just haven't been lucky enough to be in the Rockies at the same time they've had a good whack of it.  Oh well....maybe some day.....sigh....