Author Topic: Bindings -- what to do in the summer?  (Read 368 times)


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Re: Bindings -- what to do in the summer?
« on: April 26, 2011, 05:07:47 pm »
1. I've not heard any good reasons for lubeing, not part of the manufacturers instructions for routine maintenance?? And I've never heard of anyone's bindings dying of rust.? And around here, we don't keep the skis or the bindings that long anyway.? May depend on how much metal vs. plastic is in a particular set of bindings, but I believe the designers have allowed for the fact that most people don't even wax their skis for the summer, let alone think about the bindings.

2. I've never seen the inside of a binding, so don't know what happens with the lever at the heel when you step out of a binding.? However, the time the binding is under spring pressure is when the boot is in the binding and the heel is closed.? To some degree, the springs ARE relaxed whenever the boot isn't in the binding. I don't fiddle with mine.? Also, similar comment to above, the manufacturer's lawyers have, I am sure, convinced the designers to allow for the lowest common denominator of skiers.

3. I've seen bindings set with the boot out, then adjusted based on boot release with the boot in the bindings.? I think the DIN screw turns easier with the boot out (no pressure) but I don't think it makes any difference.? Take a look, the DIN indicator doesn't move as the boot is clamped in (the forward pressure indicator does, but not the DIN scale pointer).

OOPS.? Svend, I should have read that last paragraph first.? Yes, you should absolutely disassemble the bindings, spray on and then completely wipe off an appropriate lubricant, then seal all the little pieces in a plastic bag with some desiccant granules to absorb moisture until November.? THEN reassemble everything.? ?>:D
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