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Re: Lange RX130 Pro
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Gary knew he wanted them even before trying them on in Banff.  "Sir, we only have one pair of 26.5 at our other store." He nearly leaped over the counter and had the poor young clerk by the shirt collar...."Call them NOW! Hold 'em for me! I want them!" was the instant response.....took all of 1.5 seconds to make that decision.    Too funny!   :)   He was one happy skier after that find.


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Re: Lange RX130 Pro
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Bears love blue and green cause it's all about nature...but they charge orange like the 100 skiers I saw at Steamboat this year charge the chair on a 12 inch powder day waiting for the lift to open. Certainly Svend, if he had got the scent of your peeling nose, it would have been all over!

Jim....the bear was 100 yds off the road...but I low crawled to with in 20 yds to take this pic.... :o....or did I use the zoom feature on the camera...hmmmm...on ly the Viking nose!!!!! ;D

But yeah...I was pretty stoked about that boot after trying one on previously...

Mike you should know my Head Raptors with the $200 Intuition liners are safe in my ski shop...happy to be retired. AND well yes...pulling the trigger on gear that works like the S3's and with the apprehension that the Langes would work....I think that was more about supply and demand, low supply and my demand!

At first glance I was impressed with the uprightness of the boot, the boot strap, the way the upper cuff fit my lower leg and the anatomical shell shape built for my foot. The rest....was all smiles....forunatel y!

THanks Mike and yup...those pics were me on my new Langes....see the pretty orange.. 8)  Great All mountain boot....perfect evolution in my boot discovery!

Best, g

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