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Re: Recommendation for Kids Skis
« on: April 07, 2011, 04:43:13 pm »
Jim,  a kids section is an interesting idea.  If there are enough members that have young kids, then it would be very helpful.  I wish I had a resource like that when I was going through the yearly buy-sell thing with my kid's gear.  Would have saved me from making some mistakes, esp. with boot fitting.  The girls are now both into adult gear, so we're past that stage (and I make sure the boot fitters in the shops take their needs seriously -- most guys are great).  I'm happy to pass on any experiences to others if a kid's section is in the works.

High Angles -- we had two pairs of kids XRC skis, and both had the same problem with bases not remaining flat.  They started out flat when new, and then quickly became edge-high.  Not sure if it was the temperature of the waxing iron that warped them, but similar kids skis from K2 and Fischer were fine, and were handled the same.  Maybe the newer versions are better-made and don't have that problem.