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Re: Recommendation for Kids Skis
« on: March 31, 2011, 02:37:13 pm »
Probably one of the best places to get used kids ski gear is at the annual ski swaps that happen every fall.? All kinds of shops and groups put these on.? In our area (Toronto), these can be organized by local ski clubs, schools, ski shops, the ski patroller's name it.? The advantage of these is that you can actually see and feel what you are getting (and slap that straight-edge on the bases!), rather than just look at pictures on the web.? Kids gear can get pretty beat up, and is often not maintained at all.? It's good to be able to see before you buy.

For kid's skis, which option is preferable: 1) spend more on a better ski (e.g. w/ rail binding, wood core), but keep the ski for more than 1 season even if it is a bit short; or 2) spend less on a cheaper ski and replace it each year with a ski of the correct length?

I don't think I have ever seen a wood-core kids ski, except race skis.? As for length, our girls had each of their skis for about 2 seasons.? We bought them at the correct length (not too long? ;)) right from the start, and let them ski them short the 2nd year.? What the older one skis for 2 years can then be handed down to the younger one, so you can get more than two years out of a pair.? For this same reason, definitely go for a railflex-type binding, at least for the older child, as they will need a binding adjustment at least once, and if handed down to child 2, there's at least one or two more adjustments -- pay $30 or $40 more up front, but save redrilling costs later.

At some point, depending on how strong a skier your kids become, and how fast they grow, they will transition to light adult gear.? This happened with our girls at age 13 for the older (cautious, tentative) daughter, and at age 11 for the younger (aggressive, strong) daughter.? They were both at the height and weight and skiing ability to be able to handle it at the time.? But the epiphany they had was well worth it.? "Dad! These are soooo stable and smooth! Wow! I'm on grown-up skis!" Huge confidence boosters.? We bought them twin tips for the Fun-Factor and their wider waist.? They are having a blast on these.?

There are some pretty cool twin tips for young kids too, so something for you to consider.? Kids love goofing around on these, even if they never go in the park.....skiing backwards and doing 360's is just a hoot to them....way fun! And the graphics are just SICK, dude!? 8)

Hope this helps, and good luck.

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