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Re: cycling season has arrived
« Reply #30 on: April 25, 2011, 10:43:32 am »
Lynn and Jim,

Nice bikes....a quiet purchase not shared with the RS team...

Memory recalls that a short year ago, you biked along the Youghiogheny, but, were downplaying Mtn bikes. Times have changed. ::)

Why are Lynn's tires still muddy while Jim's are clean?

To elaborate further;

There was lots of discussion about it and research. Well, Jim did most of the research. My contribution was to say I think we needed to upgrade to Carbon Fiber if the price difference was not astronomical. AND JIM WORKED the Performance Bike holiday sales like a master craftsman!!

I still can't quite take in how we got such incredible deals using their system.

The day of our "lost" trek in Boy Scout territory, mud and all, left no time for me to clean my bike before heading to work that night.

Jim headed to Boston for a week, where the bath tub at the hotel accommodated his dirty bike.
My bathtub refuses to allow clay dirt in its environ. ;)

Even a couple of rides in central park did not dislodge that stuff!

It is possible I like mountain biking better than road biking. I hate sharing the road with cars. >:D

And we have pretty much figured out that we can ride directly from my place upstate to vast acres of trails with minimal black top involved. Lots to explore! ;D

But, yes, we are having fun. A world of difference between these bikes and the ones we rented at the Yuck.?
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