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Re: cycling season has arrived
« Reply #30 on: April 22, 2011, 07:20:50 pm »
I hate to disagree about hills and wind. Give me a hill any day. Some days I think I am mentally afflicted when I seek out hills. I think I am even sicker when I seek out the steeper grades that will be into a head wind (the method to my madness is that the longer shallower downhill grades will be with the wind? :P). Wind in Maine is so gusty that as you settle into that nice pace, then the gust/wind builds, your peddle pressure slowly builds to maintain your cadence and next thing you are in over your head, anaerobic and in trouble. Mentally you realize you need to downshift and but you just do not want to because the grade has not changed. Wind can be very demoralizing.
I will take a nice ski run over a long downhill, with the wind, bike run any day. The joy of ski turns to control speed vs squeezing a brake makes it a no contest. Furthermore, since I am a downhill skier, not a ski tourer, I get to enjoy riding a lift back up to hill to just go down again. On my bike, it is climb the hill to enjoy the downhill run again (which I do many times when I do hill intervals because I am afflicted mentally? ::)). Will take skiing any day over biking. ;D