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Re: Advice on Volkl Aura & rocker
« on: March 18, 2011, 06:56:07 am »
Thanks Jim. Yes, I did have a look at Midwif's review comments but was a bit unsure which ski she had actually tried (the Rave or Isis). Looks like it was probably the Isis. As for topsheet - that's an even harder decision than choosing a ski  ;D. Really liking the "Tiger" and "Flower Power" (I know, totally different!) but also some of the previous custom designs.

SnowHot - thanks, that's a big help and good to know it hasn't changed for the worse. If I do go for the Aura I think I'll wait and try to demo the 2012, much prefer the 2012 topsheet so this, combined with lack of demo possibilities, doesn't make the 30% saving worthwhile. Interesting you mention the Nemesis though, that's another one I'm toying with together with the Atomic Century.

Gary - thanks also, I definitley will go longer if I go for a rocker / early rise but might stick with shorter if traditional camber.

Will let you know what I decide!