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Re: Advice on Volkl Aura & rocker
« on: March 16, 2011, 05:55:21 am »
First, many thanks to Jim and Gary for your detailed responses. Apologies for the delayed reply, I'm in the UK so missed your posts on Monday night and was away until late last night. As for ?trundlebunny?, bit of a long story. I did a lot of travelling when I was younger, seemed like a good email address about 10 years ago and has stuck  - keep using it as I have a lot of log-ins and tend to forget them otherwise! Nothing more suspect I promise  ;D

First - volkl v rossignol.
Back in the days of ?straight? skis I did have a pair of Volkls but couldn?t for the life of me tell you what they were ? except that they were bright yellow! I spent a week on a pair of Blizzard SLR Magnesium?s earlier this season when my Rossi?s went for a bit of an "adventure" of their own, courtesy of a certain airline which shall remain nameless. I wasn?t expecting to hire so went in a bit blind, told the guys I wanted something quick and nimble and ended up with these. On reflection I didn?t find them particularly easy (and having read Peter?s review I now see why) but I put it down to a lack of pre-season training! Great at speed but a PITA at anything less. Didn?t feel like I had particularly good edge grip either which I suspect was a result of being too stiff and not getting full edge contact underfoot. Really should have changed skis but never mind, still had a great week. 

So the short answer is no, I haven?t tried them, I?m going on write-ups. I live in the UK so demo options are highly limited except when I?m away in Europe and that won?t be until December / Jan 12 now  :'(. It?s only because some good deals are popping up that I?m looking at this now, but naturally is requires taking a bit of a punt if I?m buying without a demo.

RE mid 90's as a choice:
The Attraxion viii is a 75mm waist and I?m intending my new purchase to be a 2nd ski rather than my only ski. I picked the 90?s as my starting point as I felt that many of the offerings in the 80?s would be too similar (although I appreciate a different sidecut / construction can make a world of difference) to what I already have. 

Turn technique:
On better terrain and with a bit of speed behind me I?d pretty much say type 1, on harder terrain and slower speeds I?m guilty of slipping into type 2 ? but I do at least know when I?m doing it. I am aware that the width difference will result in different characteristics, this will be a 2nd ski but there may be times when it is not viable to take 2 pairs away with me (eg a long weekend), hence my concern about usability on groomers. Even when I do have both pairs away with me, I would be nice to be able to have a ski that cope with days where I am skiing a mixture of conditions, which may involve hardpack.

I have a completely open mind on the rocker front, I was really just looking to establish whether anyone had experience with both. Since my Rossi?s are not rockered and I?m looking for a ski to handle the conditions my Rossi?s can?t then it seemed like a reasonable idea. However, from your comments Jim, it does sound like something in the 80?s might be sufficient ? boot high is about the most I come across without going looking (and if I?m going to start venturing further I?ll probably hire proper pow skis to start).

Thanks for the ski suggestions, I?ll have a look at those. Having had a lengthly read through Peter?s list, another one that appeals is the Ski Logik Isis (formerly Go Girl I believe, female version of the Rave) ? any thoughts?

Finally, would you suggest sticking with a ski in the 155-ish length or go longer for ?big mountain??

Thanks for all the input!