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Re: Advice on Volkl Aura & rocker
« on: March 14, 2011, 01:32:38 pm »
Trundlebunny (and where's THAT name come from):

Not exactly sure of the Attraxion viii, whether that is a 70mm or 75mm waist.

I looked at Peter's review of the Aura and it does "read" like a pretty good ski, I like that it's described as having lots of versatility for both on and off-piste.
Some general thoughts, you need to decide whether it applies to you or not.? Note that the following are my thoughts, but I would also classify myself as anti-rocker and also not in the "the wider the better" camp.? There are others who have other viewpoints, hopefully you will hear from them.

Have you demoed the Volkl Aura, or have you skied and liked any other Volkl skis in the past?? As a general statement, not necessarily gospel, but historically the "French skis" (like Rossi, Salomon, Dynastar) often have a completely different (softer, more lively and less damp) feel than the "Austrian" skis such a Volkl, Head, Atomic, Fischer.? .

What led you to you mid-90's width focus?? Have you rented skis in that width and liked them?? I know Midwif skis a Fischer Zeal that is 84mm width.? She is your weight (the main consideration) but a couple of inches shorter and is plenty happy with that width both on-piste and in knee deep snow.

Turn Technique. In my view, there are two main types of turn technique.? Group 1 seeks to tip the ski on edge and let the sidecut and the bend of the ski create a turn.? Group 2 appears to force the skis from one set of edges to the other, either by pushing the tails around or by twisting the whole ski about its midpoint.? I try to ski like Group 1, but a wider ski makes this progressively harder to do.? I have one pair of skis that is 71mm (which is your Rossi waist width) and my other is 101mm -- there is a world of different between how much effort the two require to make decent turns on-piste, but there is also a world of difference in how well the two float in soft snow or in trees.? If this will be your only ski, you don't want to go so wide that it gets in the way of skill development?

Rocker. There are variety's of rocker (Peter has K2's description for these on the main site, I believe).? In my opinion, rocker can definitely make it easier to ski powder; I believe that rocker can also make it easier for Group 2 skies to ski on-piste since there is often significantly less edge to resist twisting.? But I also think rocker can get in the way of Group 1 skiers trying to improve and use the edges of the ski (because there is often less real edge to work with).?

Adding rocker to a ski that is already well reviewed doesn't necessarily mean that the ski will be even better -- it will more likely make it a different feeling ski.

Recommendation:? we always say this -- demo - demo - demo? ?Try out other skis and see what you like.? However, even though everyone says this, all of us wind up buying skis that we haven't demoed.

If you are comfortable with a pretty big jump in waist width from 70 to 94, and
if you are comfortable with moving to Volkl from Rossignol, and
if you think the people that were raving about the Aura are similar in style and ability to you, and
if you have already checked eBay for new Aura's from past years that might save even more than $300, then
save the $300 on the ski that is the known quantity rather than waiting to spend more on a ski that isn't likely to be dramatically better!

Just my thoughts. Top of my head other suggestions would be Fischer KOA 84, Blizzard Viva 8.1, Dynastar Exclusive Eden,?

Gary, what are some skis that Alice has liked for all-mountain conditions?
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