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Re: On snow test: Dreamliner
« Reply #15 on: February 20, 2011, 06:32:51 am »
I could not agree more on Foam. I just had new liners foamed for my Dodge boots and it just reinforces how great this product is!! As well once foamed they last 300 ski days, which is longer than most will keep their boot shells. Gary if you want a perfect fit (not great or excellent, but perfect) get some Nordica foam liners!! The cost is $350 and it takes about an hour. It hurts for about 5 minutes while you are foaming. I have trouble finding any downside ($350 is more than an intuition liner but you can't compare the on snow performance) to the foam liners and the upside is obvious. It may be hard to find someone that carries them in your area, but you take enough trips to places where they are readily available. I only guarantee one thing, once you ski in them you will never go back. In fact you won't be able to because nothing else will ski this good!!


I hope your daughter is feeling better.