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Re: Watea 98 review
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You raise some interesting points Mike...

True you don't see much discuss of fat skis on on the PMTS site I think because most of their technical discussions are front side realated. I have to admit just like a good craftsman...there are some tools for the job that make things easier than others....they'll all get the job done but, some tools just make it more fun.

I did sell my Armada JJ's at 115 underfoot cause their "window of versatility" was just to narrow for my taste. I personally find my 98 underfoot "elperfecto" for my style of skiing.

I like you and others here love the feeling of creating matching carving skis....I know this can be done on my 98 as well as on the JJ's ...BUT the 98's did it way way way better and much easier.

Another thing to consider is that in boot high and above pow, silky and light, blower type snow...skiing my Head SS at 67 underfoot was a blast. BUT....skiing boot high thats compacted, heavier snow, skiing something with some girth just crushes that stuff and makes me less fatigued...Truly, not all need the fat ski, but there are days that a little more underfoot is a fun soultion to certain conditions.

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