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Re: Watea 98 review
« Reply #15 on: January 27, 2011, 12:09:12 pm »
No sense in being a member of a discussion board if you can?t have a good discussion. >:D

As this is not the PMTS forum, it?s ok to disagree with someone with 4000 posts, is a super hero moderator and ?pow skier of the year?. So in the best traditions of Saturday Night Live, ?Ron, you fat-ski loving, chauvinst pig, I?d love to take Perry?s Watea?s 98 for a day of 6 inch (or more) powder?. ;D

Seriously, Dawg, in his Epic review of 3 - 100 ish waisted skis wrote the Watea 94 is the best off piste ski of the group plus great in moguls. Does that not qualify it for 6 inches of pow? Who needs a 115 for this? John Botti has spoken, said ?not I?. Gary dumped his 115 Atomics and went with a 100ish Rossi. Phil skis his 88?s and Sultan 94 for new, non-dump snow. Jim opted for a narrower waist Chariot, and, heck, I?d love my MX88?s in it.

Not talking about what ski you choose from your quiver, but, it does not appear that the very fat skis revolution is pervasive in the Real Skiers forum. Of course, we can all be wrong.

And technique/skier skill does not count in trees and powder? The madman who lives between my ears, respects trees very much and sure does not want to kiss one. I?ll take the ski I know over a demo for those conditions.

Just sayin