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Re: Watea 98 review
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For me if I might add my 2cents....

Simple...if the snow is boot high and below...Kastle MX78's...because in most cases this snow is broken and compacted....the 78 underfoot is quicker edge to edge, lighter and easier to arc and higher on my fun factor.

Above the boot to shin...not having skied my Rossi S3 above knee high yet, I know for a fact FOR ME, they provide plenty of float and quickness in these conditions. Another important factor is that on the way to the pow over the hardpack and groomers, the S3 can carve and can crank out some serious GS speeds, very stable.

What is amazing to me is some of the fatties in that 110-125 boards actually can be carved. These skis have become much more versatile than ever. For me matching the "Fun Factor" of the ski to the conditions your skiing is what each skier must determine.

I did just what JB was commenting on....after 12-14" of fresh pow last Wed and Jackson Hole, I brought out the S3's looking for more of the same. Well what I found was stiff, hard, and packed down....not ideal for the S3...I mean skiable but low on the fun factor. Next day I brought out the 78's and found soft pockets of snow and amazing soft groomed snow to play in.

Find your fun factor ski...and "life is good"! G