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Re: Watea 98 review
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I think this is an interesting discussion (about when to bring out the realy fat boys and when not to). I find that when it starts to feel like I am trying to duplicate the feeling I had yesterdya or the day before when it snowed a foot) I often find that I am disappointed and often go in and switch skis. 3-4 inches of fresh can be very different depending what is just below it. If it is on top of quite a bit of new snow in the previous week, it can be pretty sweet and might warrant the BC's or wide skis. If it is on top of an iced up mountain with no new snow for weeks, it isn't going to be all that much fun on wide skis.

At the end of the day, a lot depends on what you are trying to do when you are skiing. Ron has said what he likes, he wants that floaty feeling and he will ski the fat skis all day so that he can feel that feeling at least some of the day on a 4" day. I often find that I get that feeling only a few times on a day like that and the rest ofthe time i really don't enjoy the fatter ski. For me on that kind of day I am most likely on the IM 78's. But that is me.

There is no right answer here. The real question is "what will give you the most enjoyment for the conditions at hand?" And this is going to be different for different people. Every ski has plusses and minuses in different conditions. If I don't have a good amount of fresh snow I want to be able to carve tight arcs on the groomers and have greater manueverabilty off piste. Ron, is going for a different experience, and one that he enjoys more.