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Re: Watea 98 review
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Mike, try to leave the archer/arrow anaology (since I have attempted to explain many times before) thing out of the situation, It has ZERO to do with it, its not about technique or anything else. Skiing 6" on nice fat skis brings a totally different experience. I like the bottomless floating feeling of flying,weightlessness and smooth quiet skiing. So yes, I would be on my 123 underfoot BC's in 2 seconds even on 4" of fresh. I suggest that if you make it out west and have the same opportunity to try it as well. Even for novice powder skiers, it makes for a lot easier, more enjoyable day.? In his case, skiing at Steamboat a decent storm will enable pretty much untracked or broken lines all day If he's wants to be off-piste. If you prefer the groomers, then a good half day of decent skiing of broken. Either way, why not try something new that so many seem to have realized is a good thing? 115 is not that wide and you would hardly even notice on powder.

on a side note: I just skied with my friend Randy who is in his mid-60's and was on the same 40* plus lines and faces as the rest of us on his Black Diamond Megawatts, 125 underfoot, His comment was if it wasn't for these skis (meaning fat rockered) he wouldn't be out there on that kind of terrain.
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