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Re: Bindings pros and cons
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I am talking about the Griffon and Jester adjustable/demo bindings. The regular Griffon and Jesters can't be moved.

I'd second the Griffon/Jester demo bindings. Griffon's are what were on my MX88's and adjust with a flat screwdriver very quickly. Don't add much weight at all and would be a great selling point in the future (thinking like Ron here as there will come a day to say good-bye). Many wider skis had them yesterday at the Elk Mtn. demo tents. The real plus is that should we ever ski together, we can swap skis for some runs.

Congrat's on the Fishers, but, I'm laughing out loud that your original final cut 3 (Chariot, One and Sultan) did not really make the final cut. Go figure, but, it happens everyday in the ski selection process.


The bindings that will be on there are adjustable without any screwdriver (I think - there are two different versions)  - So if we get to make turns together, you will get a ride and I will be able to try the 88's (another ski that crept into the equation)

In the end I decided to go with bump and off-piste performance and be willing to sacrifice some groomer performance.  SO - how much I like the ski may depend on how good the snow is out west when I go. 

I get to ski groomers and ice all I want and I like that kind of skiing.  I love even better the kind of varying terrain you get to ski on groomers out West. However, I am always looking to the next challenge and I got a taste of bumps last year and I'm hungry for more.  I have done a little bit of tree skiing at Wolf Creek and that was awesome so I wanted a ski that would do those things and I figure it will be easier to rent a groomer ski on a bad week of snow than to get a powder ski on a week with constant snow.  Time will tell if that makes sense.  There are so many good skis out there that you can become a raving schizo-ski-selector.  Here is an example of what I mean - Killer 98 reviews by Dawgcatching at Epic
I like what I read about the Watea, but I am objective enough to read about the One and wonder if it wouldn't be a great choice for days that I am on groomers.  In the end, some brand loyalty ( I loved my RX8) won out.

Joe - good to have your contributions - keep them coming