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Re: VIST bindings and plates
« Reply #15 on: August 20, 2008, 05:22:36 pm »
I will bump errr mogul with some actual information. I have been using Vist systems for the past season on various capacities, I had some Blizzard Mag SL's with Speedlock Pros set up with some Marker 14's, two sets of these. Yhis is actually a very rare combination, only about 2 dozen sets of these were produced. I also had some Hart Phoenix's set up with Speelock plates and Vist 614 bindings. I will say there is no better shard snow set up than using a Vist plate along with a Vist binding it is a very solid interface that is very flexible.

Gary was talking about binding positioning on skis, Vist is a great option for that type of concern. Ron is talking about some Hart Pulse's, them with some Speedlock Pro Ultra Lites and Free 614's will be one sick set up.