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Re: VIST bindings and plates
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Andrew, I am always looking to improve my set up. Why do you like the Vist plates and bindings so much? Why are the bindings and plates superior in your opinion? Are the plates generally thicker (20mm vs 13mm) than most race plates from the major manufactuters?

Honsetly, I have never noticed a binding when skiing. I do notice the placement of the binding and obviously the feel of a plate vs. a flat binding is very noticeable.

I would love to hear your thoughts. JB.

Apologies for delay in replying but we have been moving from UK to Colorado.

Re VIST. I like the fact that the plates appear to dampen the ride, but allow direct transmission of the skiers intention to the ski. The TT I use is 19mm think but has a quite forgiving nature (ie does not stiffen the effect of the ski). The Race plate is 18mm thick and a marked difference in power transmission (very direct and sensitive) but still dampens the ride (although this could partly be the Stockli effect). As a travelling type I also like the fact that I can take the bindings off the plate for a more compact and less damage prone package and I can have three sets of skis but only need one set of bindings. As stated I can also experiment with forward or aft BOF placement for varying conditions and, because I do have two sets of bindings I can demo anyone of my skis to friends or clients with potential for sales so that hopefully I do not have to pay anything for my skis next season.

Do not get me wrong I have had many a good days skiing on Volkl/ Marker and before meeting a Stockli/ VIST set up would have been very happy to be on Volkl my whole life. I could also perhaps be confusing the benefits of the skis/ plates with my marked improvement in skiing ability as a result of 12 weeks skiing in one year (unheard of for me) and a focus towards becoming an instructor in addition to a demanding five week ski course.

The fact is that a TT plate on a fat powder ski gives one that extra leverage to direct one's thoughts onto the snow. I think that they compliment what is an excellent hand made ski and I find myself not quite enjoying the ride as much when I try skis that I used to be perfectly happy on.

If you can get your way to Keystone and are obviously not a rock hopper, I will even let you try a pair (but no friends on powder days so I have dibs on the DP Pros if there has been more than 5" overnight - no seriously we could take turns between Rotors and DP Pro or Rotor/ Laser SC just to compare the two etc).

All comments always welcome.