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Re: VIST bindings and plates
« on: December 24, 2006, 01:21:21 pm »

I would guess price and marketing budget.  The current philosophy of ski manufacturers is to "make it easy" for the user by promoting systems (binding integrated with the ski) and many of these systems do have some pretty tangible benefits.  But the most tangible benefit is that the ski manufacturer gets more of the sale. That eliminates 75% of the market.  Of those people buying non-system skis, "what binding names do they recognize?" and that is strictly a function of marketing dollars spent in America trying to build name recognition. 

Either VIST doesn't have the necessary dollars or (more likely) doesn't see selling to the 'generic skier' customer as a cost effective market they can penetrate.  I would imagine that, among higher end skiers and NASTAR racers VIST has a pretty good market share.  I believe they do some teaming with manufacturers, because I think some of the Head (for example) race skis come with VIST plates?
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