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Re: VIST bindings and plates
« Reply #15 on: December 03, 2009, 11:34:39 am »
The shop I work at  (in western, MA)Part time picked up Hart skis for this season and we've set up a few Pulses and a Phoenix with the Vist speed lock plate and bindings.  I've never skied them-but, they're pretty cool operating-incredibly easy to move around and swap out other bindings.  I've heard there is an AT option that pops into this plate as well, which could make a pretty versatile set up.

I thinking about setting up my new, son to arrive Nomad SFT 181's with a vist system-but I need to see if they'll pro-form an active Patroller (which I am) or not.  Otherwise, it's Marker look-Rossi for me...

which reminds me I need to make another thread about bindings and Nomads...