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Re: New "east coast" skis for Lynn
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I would add: skid is widely used by many meaing to drift, slarve, schmear (Phili/ny) but its really just an out of control movement. edgeing is simply and only a matter of the degree of the ski's edges on the snow. being able to modify the amount of edgin used is a skill and if you can only ski on edge, that is a skill you are lacking as you have limited your ability to regualte speed and turn shape.

Living Proof:? (by the way, what is the origin of that login name??)

I disagree that a brushed carve is a skid. Peter's definitions for the evaluation of a skis ability to "soft edge" are below.? The smear is the brushed carve, its a lateral movement/sliding of the entire ski whereas to me a skid is primarily a lateral displacement of the tail.
Smear: drift slarve/]
Ski tip and tail follow on the same track, but using a lower edge angle which allows some lateral movement across the snow. Effective in deep snow, on steep slopes, in bumps or crud. Facilitates speed management (control) as opposed to maximizing speed, which is what carving does.
Out of control turn in which the tails accelerate down the hill faster than the tips and do not follow in the same track. Often results in a fall and usually begins with a wedge turn entry, in which the skis are not parallel. The skier leans back and/or uphill, with most weight on the tails of the uphill ski rather than beneath the arch of the downhill foot. The downhill ski takes off, tail first. One of the leading causes of ACL injury, according to experts.

So why does that small voice say 70'ish rather than 66-68'ish.? Just playing devil's advocate here; her current skis for these conditions are 72's and were recommended and sold by Harald and Diana at a camp back in '07 or '08.