Author Topic: New "east coast" skis for Lynn  (Read 1207 times)


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Re: New "east coast" skis for Lynn
« Reply #45 on: September 14, 2010, 02:27:54 pm »
I've concluded that I know very little about women, and even less about their skis.

What movie has the above line, followed by a response of but they certainly understand us.??? ?;D? I expect Phil to get this since he seems to have a vast repertoire of movie knowledge in cranial long term storage.

And thanks for the response. Both answers are touching albeit in different ways.
I'm up for an Elk demo day, by the way.?
We were talking about meeting at Elk some weekend anyway, why not on a demo day?

And I will say that I too learned tremendously from Expert Skier I.? Not only what the PMTS approach was, but a lot of how that contrasted/contradicted what others had been telling me to do but could never explain.? I think the analysis of skiing in that book matched well with the way I learn (and over analyze).
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