Author Topic: New "east coast" skis for Lynn  (Read 1207 times)


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Re: New "east coast" skis for Lynn
« Reply #45 on: September 14, 2010, 10:06:37 am »
Here's an idea......
Lynn, take your new boots to a phenomenal demo day and try some stuff out.
Use the info here to create a demo list and have some fun!!
I like Snowhots idea.  I have wanted to do that myself for some time but have never gotten around to it. It hasn't stopped me from owning some great skis and from buying a few that I wish that I hadn't. It is probably a lot harder for you Lynn living on the east coast, but if you could find one where a bunch of major brands would be featured, it would be a great.

If that fails and you make it out to Big Sky again, you can ski my wifes supershapes!!

Okay Folks
Keep your ears open for East Coast Demo Days for me!

Excellent advice. I am in no rush to buy new skis. My current Every Thangs were acquired midway thru winter 2008.
Binding issues resulted in Head sending me a new pair for the 2009 season. So overall, these skis are not particularly old, use wise.

I have time to leisurely peruse the selection!  ;D
"Play it Sam"