Author Topic: New "east coast" skis for Lynn  (Read 1207 times)


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Re: New "east coast" skis for Lynn
« Reply #45 on: September 14, 2010, 01:54:32 am »
The more things you ask a ski to do, the less it does well. The Phi will be better ski for the "drills" the LX72 better for the bumps and trees.
And, also, the drills are something her mind tells here she should work on, the bumps and trees are where her heart truly calls her.

Jim and Lynn,

Simply stated, I ski PMTS in bumps, trees and drills. Harald teaches a "brushed carve" turn as a preliminary to full locked-edge carve, and, I practice these all the time on green and blue trails. Yes, it's a skidded turn but your skis just come around so quick. His second book title includes "How to ski bumps and powder" but the detailed sections are at the end of the book long after the basics are covered. It's still about tipping movements, having great fore/aft balance and using hand positions and pole planting techniques. Bumps and trees require the skier to BELIEVE that certain body movements will turn the ski. Just one small voice saying it's the skier not the ski.

But, as the OP does say EAST COAST SKI, the small voice votes for a 70 ish waist ski.