Author Topic: Realskier Ski of the Year: The Chariot!!!  (Read 2139 times)


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Re: Realskier Ski of the Year: The Chariot!!!
« Reply #30 on: September 09, 2010, 07:54:32 am »
Mike:? Chill a bit.? Can you judge a book by reading the last pages??

Yes, your honor, I plead guilty to coming to a conclusion without all the facts. One of these days, I'll learn to keep my big mouth, and cynical writing style, shut in areas of ski reviews.  ;D

Interesting thread about ski reviews and Peter's in particular. As he and I are both carvers, we like the same style skis. To revisit his "Skis of the Year", I did not know his selections were more of a personal preference. My thoughts are that he is staking his own thinking and needs, apart from what the review process turns out. And that's o.k. as long as the distinction is clear. As individuals, we like what we like.

In further thinking about a review of all past "skis of the year", it's logical that as he likes carvers, the history will indicate this bias. If I skied more, I'd own a mid-70's carver for those majority of days when mountain conditions just don't warrant a specific snow condition like ice or pow. They are very comfortable to ski all day and just plain fun fast or slower. Great to ski on days skiing with friends when cruising seems to rule.

Yet, if I published a ski review publication, I'm not sure I would use "Ski of the Year" as a projection or promotional term. I'd rather save that term for a look backward. Minor point, without blind testing, i.e., topsheets covered, any review will be skewed by personal baggage.

Anyway, here's to Peter and his reviews. An annual precursor of ski season and gets the juices flowing as the weather begins to cool.

And here's to Jim and his purchase of this year's Ski of the Year. Many pow days to ya. Maybe we can do at least one together.