Author Topic: Realskier Ski of the Year: The Chariot!!!  (Read 2139 times)


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Re: Realskier Ski of the Year: The Chariot!!!
« Reply #30 on: September 08, 2010, 01:53:38 pm »
2 completely different skis.

But there are only 6 categories (this year).  1. freeride  2. all mountain carver 3. big mountain carver 4. frontside technical 5. groomer cruiser 6. super carver
Interesting that there is no category for the best powder ski, and even his big mountain category includes the word carver (per John's point earlier in the day)

But that is a big problem with the concept of having skis of the year, defining reasonable categories.
And it would make sense to me that an overall ski of the year may still not be the best in any particular category.
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