Author Topic: Realskier Ski of the Year: The Chariot!!!  (Read 2139 times)


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Re: Realskier Ski of the Year: The Chariot!!!
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Add to that..for universal conditions and terrain. I cannot see the Chariot excelling under his parameters as an eastern ski. In playing with the ski at the ski show, I can get a pretty good idea how a ski will react on snow and where it would be good. I think it is ironic that Realskiers does a vast amount of testing that will provide hard numbers then the winners listed are subjective? Example, IIRC, last year the FX84 was the first ski ever to get 5 stars in EVERY category, yet didn't win ski of the year?

If there was only ONE ski that I could ski for the whole season. East/West/Soft/Hard. Without thinking would be the MX88, now it is not an inexpensive ski, but it is worth it. If it came down to budget and staying within MAP parameters (not leftovers or pro deals ect). Blizzard 8.7. But an argument could be made for another dozen skis and all would be accurate. Personally, If I was King of the "Ski Review world" I would do things differently. No, I am not going to share my this point.