Author Topic: Realskier Ski of the Year: The Chariot!!!  (Read 2139 times)


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Re: Realskier Ski of the Year: The Chariot!!!
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IMHO a ski that is going to win "Ski of the year" has to excel (or be at the top) in a multitude of categories and could be applicable as a "one ski quiver". A ski like the Chariot could win a segment like "specialty" or "Boutique" ski of the year. but overall? No way.
Phil: Is is possible for a ski to be at the top in a multitude of categories and for a wide variety of skiers?? Or by the very nature of the compromises involved, will any ski designed to be versatile be very good in multiple categories but never excel.? Is is possible for a car to excel on the race track and still haul the kids to soccer practice for a wide variety of drivers.? I just noted in his introductory paragraph and underlined the word handles, as opposed to excelled.? I think the Ullr's Chariot excels in only one thing, and that is versatility with regards to ski terrain and to type of skier that can use the ski.

If not the most versatile ski we have ever tested, it is certainly in the top ten. This may be the elusive "universal" ski. The ski handles deep snow, crud, chop, hard snow, speed and reasonable bumps with ease; always reliable, never unpredictable or difficult to handle.

He does list his selection of skis that excel in certain areas (Line Blend and Atomic Century for Freeride, for example), (Fischer Progressor 10+ and K2 Burnin Luv for Frontside Technical), (Kastle LX72 and Rossignol Attraxion for Groomer Cruiser), (Kastle RX12 for GS Race Carver)

Phil you are very knowledgeable and I'm curious, unrelated to all of this discussion:
1.  What woould be your "ski of the year" selection based on your criteria as listed above. ??
2. What would be your 1-ski quiver recommendation for me for skiing in Utah and Colorado?
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