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Re: Head Power Rail bindings for 100mm skis
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Have settled on putting Head/Tyrolia's new Power Rail's on my Ullr's Chariots (this is the replacement for the RailFlex).? Here are some references and things I have learned.? The big advantage to me is the ability to move the bindings back a bit for softer snow, and the flexibility to let Mike try my skis at the Elk Demo Day.? The default binding mount location for the UC is right at BOF/CRS, which is more forward than my Head and Fischer skis have been.

A YouTube video of how they work and how to adjust or assemble.

The 2010/11 Head/Tyrolia binding tech manual

1. The only wide "bundle" has the 88mm brake (and comes with the wider dampeners).? If you want the 97mm or 115mm brake then that is a separate part number.? Your local ski shop may or may not order and substiture the wider brake for the 88.
2. Note that since the brakes don't go at the waist and have to be able to slide back to remove, the 115mm brake was recommended for my 101mm waisted skis.
3. The binding is advertised as 7% wider, but it appears to me that this is all in the wider dampener, the mounting jig and basic binding width is the same as most Tyrolia bindings.? the 25% lower (and probably lighter as well) is true.
4. They have a matte black color in addition to the normal Head silver/black that I think will look quit nice on my dark veneer skis.

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