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Re: Ski Logik Ullr's Chariot
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I had let my Real Skiers subscription lapse and just got around to renewing it.  Lo and behold, Peter picked my beloved Ullr's Chariots as the overall ski of the year again.  I have included his brief below.
Thank you John Botti for talking me into buying these last year.


This is the first time we've picked a ski two years back-to-back.

We had very strong candidates this year, including Elan's Amphibio WF 82 xti which became the Big Mountain Carver of the Year, but in the final analysis, we had to go with the Chariot (and it's female-specific companion, the Goddess). These skis represent the current benchmark for versatility.

Race skis carve better, but these are respectable. Rockers render powder easier, but not all that much easier. Other skis are quicker in bumps, but not all that much quicker. And so on . . .

Simply put, the Chariot and Goddess are the most versatile, terrain-balanced, do-everything, skiable-by-almost-anyone, 1-ski-quivers we've yet come across and so are our picks, again, for Overall Skis of the Year.
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