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SkiLogik is a kick ass company. It's the little secret around here, at Aspen and Vail. I'm new to the forum, I'll post my own review about it as soon as I can.

I have the SkiLogik Rave in 175.

It is without a doubt, my favorite ski.

It's great for carving, bumps, steeps, deep powder, you name it. I've been on this ski for over a month now and every time I'm on it I just love it more. Everyone I talk to loves it, too.

Yesterday I was at Highlands. Did two trips and 1/2 trips up the Bowl. On the first trip the top of the Bowl was winter snow, lower bowl was mank. My skis were just so fine. The second trip, half of the bowl was Spring snow (it was warm yesterday). Then we walked up and did Flip's Leap. This ski is a twin tip (makes me feel young). Peter said a twin tip is not a ski for steeps. I don't know about other twin tips, but this one kicks ass on the steeps. We skied Whips Veneration, Full Curl and Flips Leap. All those lines are 45 degree plus. They were lovely, hold the snow like you're glued to it.

They're also great for tripping up the bowl, because they're light. Metal skis are heavy!

Both my young buddies want my skis.

It's quick, really good for bumps. And it carves well. I'm not a big high angles guy, because my lower back is stiff. But I can get nice tracks on them, using of course what I learned from the Skunk.

I love, my SkiLogik's.

Next year I'm getting two more pair, with my own custom graphics. I'm thinking Highland Bowl on one, Grouse Mountain on the other.

Not only that, the owner pays his employees health insurance and he cares about the planet. It's a great little company, please support SkiLogik.