Author Topic: Ski Logik Ullr's Chariot  (Read 6071 times)


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Re: Ski Logik Ullr's Chariot
« Reply #180 on: October 07, 2010, 01:54:36 pm »
"what does hand flexing really show"

I think that hand flexing will tell you a lot about stiffness. Some sksi do ski less or more stiff than they hand flex, but I find that checking the flex at the tails, in the middle and up at the tip will tell you a lot about stiffness and about how you want to ski them. I really do hope the aren't noodles. He said that this ski was designed to be stiffer and more stable than the Howitzer. Now I am really glad that I am demoing the skis. Too soft just does not work for me anymore. I find I have to alter my skiing style too much. Having said that , if they are going to carve well on hard snow (which we know that they do) they can't be that soft as they would never hold up to the forces.

Can't wait to try them.