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Re: Ski Logik Ullr's Chariot
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Truly gorgeous looking skis!! More importantly we have an indie co that is delivering skis on tiime (special order skis I might add) during a period in which their skis are in big demand. They get huge grades for that. I have recounted some of the ugly stories I had with DPS and to a lesser degree with PM Gear. Kudos to Dave for his fine and timely work.

I will be skiing these in a just a few short weeks!!

And that included 2 different artwork options (and the eventual name placement was a third option suggested by Ron) and two color options (light back/dark front or dark front/light back).? A pleasure to work with, and a lot more time invested than I would think profitable given the $50 cost.

Skiing them in just a few weeks huh? ???? Yeah, rub it in a little bit.? ;D ;D

Hand flex is encouraging, they don't feel at all stiff.? Certainly not as stiff as my Head iSL Chips or the Head iM77 Chips; perhaps a bit stiffer than the Wateas (less stiff than the Magnums).  But what does hand flexing really show.
Any particular pictures (angles/aspects) anyone is? curious about??
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