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Re: Ski Logik Ullr's Chariot
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Why thanks. It would be longer except I broke out the Dodge boots thinking people had more they wanted to discuss.? However, while I too am amazed at the legs this thread has shown, I must demur and remind everyone that JBotti was the power "behind the scenes" of this thread.

He started the thread and then, in his own Gordon Gekko wily way, he manipulated me into becoming involved as he subtly coerced me into participating in the analysis and into ultimately buying a pair of skis just so I could buy before him.? Perhaps Lynn was in cahoots on this, as she knows my penchant for overanalyzing and discussing decisions ad-nauseum (maybe thats the reason she left the country?).? Hmmmm

Go back and review, look at the numerous posts where he challenges my competitive nature ;D ;D saying things like "I'm pretty sure that I'll be buying first, but if you buy a pair let us know."? How shrewd.
Challenges to my manhood as he reminds me that "it takes more effort to get it up (on edge) with wide skis". What a challenge to a 62 year old grandfather.
And more subtle messages, such as "you can buy any ski you want Jim, even if you can't afford it".? Now we know what effect that would have on most guys and their toys.? >:D >:D

And so, in summary, I would like to say Thank You to one and all for all the fun this has been and continues to be. I am very pleased with the selection and with the interaction with SkiLogik in getting them somewhat customized for me. I like the idea of having a fairly limited production ski, one that all who have seen them seem to agree are pretty gorgeous that also (I believe) fit well with how I plan to use them.

And its all JOHN's FAULT.
And he's been pretty quiet, but I'm expecting Perry to buy a pair too.
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