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Re: Ski Logik Ullr's Chariot
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Ron's Quote:
there's a 3rd...... its initating the turn from the middle of the ski and then letting the ski move sideways or on an angle, you can easily modify and regulate how deep of a drift (how much the skis come parallell to the fall line) and how much yo andle the edges. but it is done without driving the tail; although you way actually want to use the tail as part of the turn for stability or power. ?Not sure why you insist this is not possible.

You keep focusing on the idea that tipping is about the tips. It is not. Tipping occurs over the full length of the ski. I never said it could not occur from the middle, I only said that it either comes from tail pushing or tipping. When you tip the whole ski tips on edge. Now I will also asy that you can't tip properly wth your weight back (if you put pressure anywhere on the ski with the weight back the tails will move down the fall line, again simple physics), so to tip in such a way to make a quality brushed carve turn you need to be forward before and while you are tipping.
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