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Re: Ski Logik Ullr's Chariot
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"One last time" sounds so ominous... ;D needs it's own separate post for sure.
Yes I would say I agree 100% with your statement JB about the turning radius adding....that the skis will drift in the same direction of the turn....I like this and yes...simple physics. pushing the tails down the mountain is not one way I would use as I believe it in itself creates ?skidding skis, with little or no control. Using the hocky stop or edge set prior or during the drift, I feel that occuring out of the center towards the tail of the ski as my hips create a sudden counter move. But again, this is with the skis moving together in the intended direction. The only times I might purposly have the ski tails below my shovels is in turns where I'm trying to bleed off some speed in some high speed turns or in the bumps to drop some speed...but in both cases, the skis are parallel and it's my center mass moving fore and aft on the skis that are the driving force on where that pressure is applied to the ski.

I almost think we are saying if not the same but very similar things John....
I hope this dialogue is helpful to others because it's taken me many years to be able to talk about what my feet, body and edges are doing and I hope that others find this helpful.
Look forward to continued sharring of information from all....g