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Re: Ski Logik Ullr's Chariot
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So the other way is to use tipping movements versus drifting/pivoting movements. When using tipping movements combined with couteracting forces we can move the tips and tails in a more simultaneous fashiion. This cannot be accomplsihed with pivots or any tail pushing motions (pivot sips would be the prime example of the opposite of the tipped brushed carve turn). To do it properly requires agressive tipping, agressive counter and the weight has to be agressively forward on the skis. I am not talking about a gentle GS arc off piste which can be accomplshed with a little tipping and a little drifting. That arc will do nothing to help anyone control their speed. I am talking about tight brushed carved slalom turns in steep off piste terrain. These turns are hard to perfect but they are also bullet proof in difficult terrain. The problem with the other approach (again in steep terrain where tight slalom like turns are necessary to control speed off piste) is that when the tails are pushed on is out of position to start the next arc. The counter has come undone, the weight by defintion needs to be back (to push and or pivot the tails) and hence there needs to be a recovery moment or moments to get back into the proper positoion to quickly initiate the next arc.

To be clear, there can be some middle ground between the two where one is tipping some , countering some and pushing the tails some to help things out. But again I hold to my previous statement that there are only two ways to get the ski to come around faster than it's true arc or TR.

Now it looks like from reading Gary's posts that both of you are doing some of what I am talking about which is great. I will also say that to do the turn I am talking about takes most people a lot pf practice and several seaons of hard drill focused work to perfect it (which is not to say that a few elite learners can't do it faster). I think you're both going to need to come to MT so we can ski together and we can talk about all this on the mountain!!
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