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Re: Ski Logik Ullr's Chariot
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OK, one last time. First let me say that I have skied on rockered and reverse camber skis for years and I was early on this bandwagon (one that I have also jumped off of) so my experience level with rocker, reverse camber, reverse sidecut and wide boards is high. I have skied skis as wide as 138 underfoot and I have skied many skis in the 115m range underfoot.

So I will respond to this quote from Ron:
Gary, john contention is that you must either initiate from the tips first and after they engage, then drift the rest of the ski or you must use the tails an essentially pivot slip the turn; how do you/John explain this... ?

In any turn where the edges are not locked in a carve and where the turn radius of the turn is tighter than that of the ski, the ski must drift some from the arc of the ski in order for the turn to be tighter than the radius of the ski. Assuming that we agree on this (which is simple physics) I will move forward.

There are two ways to accomplish this action of the skis moving in a tigher arc that what exists on them. One is for the tails to move sideways and down the hill first, so as you are turning ?to the right the tails move further down the fall line thus making the ski more prependicular to the fallline, thus tightening the arc of the ski (to some degree the same thing is happening in a hockey stop but with much more agreessive tail pushing). In this instance the tails will move down the falline before the tips will. It works and it is a valid way to make a tighter turn arc (just not the way I want to).

I will complete this is another post becuase I tend to have problems with long posts on this forum.