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Re: Ski Logik Ullr's Chariot
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For me, with a hard charging carving ski on steep groomed terrain, the more forward I am in my attack position, the more my shovels will engage in the transition of the turn. So the turn happens in the feet from the toes back.

In pow or or the big boards, I ski much more out of the center of the ski....heavy shovel tip engagement in deep or broken snow is trouble (for me) cause over pressuring the the tips will just overpower the ski (tip dive- tips are the softest part of the ski)....the words subtle and soft edges with plenty of float/drift are key for me here.

What I feel in each of the above mentioned condition is the amount or lack there of, shin pressure on the front of the boot. When skiing pow or broken snow in any of my skis, I feel more centered and stacked using more deliberate and defineable pressure along the full length of the ski.

I have recently found (with some further boot adjustments) what a beautiful tool that part of the ski from the heel? to the tail can be. Truly being able to move fore and aft on the ski and watching how those movements affect the direction fo the ski has been amazing. Again, this is specific to how and what I well as some great tutaledge from some great ski coaches.

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