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Re: Ski Logik Ullr's Chariot
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Hmmm...I come to the Thanksgiving dinner table late but I find the drum sticks delectible!

Having enjoyed my JJ's at 115 underfoot and plenty of rocker, I find these just as easy to transiton to the next turn with a simple flatening of the downhill ski...which creates a passive release of the uphill ski uphill edge. Staying in the drift or love spot for as long or as short as I want with the skis flat allow me the time to feather in the edges both big toe of the down hill ski and baby toe of the uphill ski for as long or as little as I need.
Now this is not the ski of choice for skiing groomed snow. Getting most big boards over 100mm on high edge angle can be a bit trying and even work to keep them there. But that's not what I put them on for. A good example is the Icelantic Pilgrim twin tips at 90 underfoot. That ski could be put up on high edge angle like a GS ski with little effort. The Watea 94 would take me for the "wild ride" when I tried the same thing.
As my taste for different skis has evolved i find I can do what and where I want to do with my Kastle 78's. Carve it, drift it, twist it, float up right up to shin high snow. After that out come the JJ's. The JJ's work their best (like most big boards) with slight edge pressure to the 4 edges, quiet upper body, flex and extension....keepin g things working with the feet, staying stacked. It's not the kind of ski I'd even want to play with for any extended period of time at high edge angle. I've done it on groomed snow but they are not the tool to use...they love the deep, heavy, the pow, crud and soft snow they were designed for.
I must say that we all bring something different yet similar to thte table....there is no one way that's perfect so what ever works for ya is oh so good. Me,...I try to keep it simple, quiet, not use too much energy and keep that smile on my face all ski day long....hope you all are finding the same!? Best, G