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Re: Ski Logik Ullr's Chariot
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We are a small fraternity that actually likes sidecut.?


As you have stated previously, the appeal of the deep waisted ski is in decline. I'm wondering what the causes are? I can understand the appeal in bigger mountain western skiing, but, for the east, I think somewhere around 78 mm waist the ability to get on edge, perform at speed and remain comfortable all day long is optimized as a "daily driver". Maybe it's as simple as the newer skis just turn easier no matter what the waist. It amazes me on Epic when an eastern skier asks for recommendations, many recommend something around 88 and above. The Philpug's can ski a 88 in the east, but, how many ski with his ability and hard charging style?

One aspect of skiing that interests me is looking at those skiing down while I'm riding the chair. Honestly, I see very little skiing that excites me. I want to watch 1 in 20. So much tail pushing, standing straight up, hands at sides and making the same boring skids. Maybe it's just that if you are going to ski poorly, any ski will assist you in getting there. Perhaps the day of technique is over, replaced by instant gratification of just going fast. Somehow the concept of learning to ski first and then developing an individual style has been lost.
Certainly, ski manufactures benefit as skiers are enticed to get something new, and the sport needs money pumped into it. Hype is a great stimulant. I've benefited from a second ski to do things that my daily driver does not deliver, and, no knock intended on those seeking to extend the range of equipment they enjoy.

Maybe I'm just locking in on my personal beliefs and should not be so harsh on others enjoyment. Although we may like others to think and do as we do, it's just not the way of the world. What I believe is that we all need to match our individual needs to the ski we select, and, not to be in lock-step with a trend.

Rant over!

PS - Jim, congrats on starting a thread that has such a long life!
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