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Re: Ski Logik Ullr's Chariot
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They only make about 5 pair of skis a day, and with both the RealSkiers and FreeSkier recognition, the window of opportunity might be closing.? Methinks you need to pull the trigger on a pair of Ullr's Chariots or Rave's in the "Healer" top-sheet (maybe even request Onyx eyes).?

Lean those little big puppies up against the office wall (write off the cost as office furnishing, of course) and let the poeple know that the skis are YOUR Mojo (no Head ski pun intended).? You could even have Ski Logic inlay "root doctor" as your official ski-name (even though you clearly aren't)?

By the way everyone should check out the SkiLogik web page again.? They have the RealSkiers and FreeSkier ski of the year results announced.  Of course, therein lies another disadvantage of having 'skis of the year' -- the SkiLogik web says "First Place in Performance of 286 skis tested".  Well, performance isn't defined, and there are lots of areas of performance where other skis were reviewed better and rated higher than the UC.  (but we already had that conversation).

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