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Re: Ski Logik Ullr's Chariot
« on: August 28, 2010, 09:25:10 am »
It sure looks like a very functioning crystal ball to me even if it is ****. I was close a few times yesterday to just buying them. I know I can demo them the first week of November when I am in Colorado so it probably makes sense to wait til then. I will tell you that the running lengths of these skis are short. The 188's are 156cm and the 178's it's 146cm. These will ski quite short. Having said that the closest thing anyone has made to a fatter ski with a tight turn radius are the Shaman's. But in the 184 length they are still a 18m TR (the 173's are 15m which is quite tight). Most that have skied the Shamans just love them sso it's clear that a tighter TR can work well in a wide ski. These also take a page from the Shamans with 150mm tip (vs 160mm on the Shamans).

All in all it looks like a super ski. Obvious;y if I get on a pair and or own one, I will come back with a review and comments. I know that in Nov at Lovelenad I iwll be skiiing mostly man made snow on groomers, but that might be a nice test for these and their versatility. I will assume in advance with very wide tips and 101 under foot that they ski pow quite well.

Yes, it won't be long now. Got my first issue of Powder Mag in the mail on Thursday. WE are really only a couple of months away!! I have two more bike races and I am done for the season!! Nice!!