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Re: Head iM78
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That is really too bad, then.? Dumb down a great ski and make its erstwhile replacement too stiff for most skiers to actually use.? Here is a link to see and overview of next year's lineup, or at least what Ski Depot is carrying:

And I take back my comments about Head's women's skis having non-girlie graphics.? Just looking at the 2011 women's skis, they are downright awful.? I haven't showed these to Terryl yet, but they will most certainly have her wanting to keep her SS Speeds for another few years.? Blech!!!? ?And the Power One is not in the lineup....or perhaps Ski Depot just isn't carrying it.

OTOH, here is a really cool looking ski....the new Progressor 10+:?
Looks like a slightly wider P9.? Flowflex binding, titanal layer, dual radius sidecut.....should be a sweet one.

It seems like Fischer is replacing (or renaming) their Heat line with the Motive line.? Some nice looking skis in that series too.? The Motive 84 looks like an interesting one -- SW construction, Flowflex binding (on a mid-fat? Wow!), perhaps more frontside oriented judging by the sidecut.

Edit/addition:? Just from looking at the lineup, it seems like Fischer is doing the opposite of Head -- strengthening their performance carver line with the new P10; making a serious performance mid-fat in the M84; and cleaning up the graphics on their all-mountain line to give them a more sporty/performance appearance.? Nice....

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