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Re: Head iM78
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Interesting....than ks John.

And I just found this thread on Epic which describes some of the changes for 10/11:? ?Perhaps we shouldn't despair the changes in the Peak 78, as there is the new Supershape Titan coming, which will be 78 in the waist.? Testers comments indicate there is a lot of performance in that ski, which will pull some of the old iM78 fans.? Softening the Peak 78 makes it more accessible to intermediate skiers, perhaps explaining Head's logic.?

As for the SS Speeds, maybe I should hold on to mine until the fall (I was going to advertise them now), when they might become a hot commodity in Epic's Classified section.? ?;D 8)? Top dollar, for sure!  ;D

Edit/Addition:  In any case, it's a shame about changing the Peak 78, as it is a great ski in its present form.  Why mess with a good thing? And the graphics are cool looking too (this year's ski, I mean -- not too keen on next year's, although the 08/09 iM78 version in the pale red and grey looked decent.
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